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trials and commisions
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Frog carving at fish camp 2002

Client Comments

  • I have to tell you, the more I play this bow, the more I love it. It has made a huge difference.
  • Musically, this bow feels like it is an extension of my mind.

  • Thanks so much for the great bow. Someone described the response of your bows as intelligent. I cannot agree more.
  • I found my new bow!! It took me about 3 minutes of playing to know this was exactly what I had been looking for. It has the feel, the balance, the gorgeous sound and the comfort in my hand of the bow that I played many years ago. - I'm absolutely delighted with my new bow and so glad this search is over!

  • All of the bows were works of art, and all handled very well. I know I would have done well to keep any one of the three you sent.

  • Thanks for the new gamba bow... it can only be descibed as kickass. 
  • I am absolutely delighted with both bows. The new bow is all I ever hoped for, which was a lot, and the repaired bow looks and plays as though nothing had ever happened to it.
  • As I played with your bow I realized what a smooth and good sound it gave, and at the same time felt easy in my hand.
  •  ....I feel that the blackwood bow I have kept is a real instrument! It's already brought me a lot of pleasure, and I look forward to long term enjoyment.

  • I'm a very sleepy person today...   I couldn't stop playing last night.  The bow is better than new.  Rich, full sound, easy articulation.  The feel is truly lovely.
  • I have decided to keep this bow, very nice work! I had another bow I was trying that I thought I'd prefer but yours' knocked me out. Feels like it was made for my hand and I did not know the treble strings of my German gamba could sound so good.
  •  Lots of compliments on the sound and looks of the bows from the audience .I am really enjoying the fact that I can use an underhand or overhand grip, I find it very easy to draw the tone I want from the instrument.
  •  Thank you so much for sending the wonderful quality bows.  I greatly admire your workmanship! We would like to purchase three of the ones you sent.

  • As to the bows, I actually might like two bows, and to be honest with you, every bow you've made works for me. 


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H.F. Grabenstein,
All Strings Considered

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See the bows by Mr. Grabenstein that were on display at
The American Craft Museum in New York City.


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